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Ordinance 16-03 Amending Ordinance #97-5 Manufactured homes


Ordinance 16-03 amending Ordinance 97-5 regarding Manufactured housing/homes.

Please go to the Government tab, Code Compliance, then Ordinances to view the full ordinance.

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This is a reminder to all citizens of Krebs.  All dogs and cats, whether inside or outside, need to be registered with the City of Krebs.  There is a limit of 3 animals per household.

If you have...

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Ordinance 17-04 Open burning


Please be advised - Ordinance 17-04 regarding open burning.  Please read the revised ordinance.  Go to the Government tab, then the Code Compliance Ordinances.

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Ordinance 17-03 Sewer Connections amending Ordinance 91-2


The City of Krebs has amended Ordinance 91-2 Section 1 - Sewer Connections Item #6 and Section 201 Mandatory Sewer Connections.

Please go to the Government tab, select Code Compliance then...

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